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Every review on this page is submitted by a real Mosquito Joe customer. In the interest of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence our customer's feedback. Learn how Mosquito Joe customers are enjoying being outside again!

Significantly reduced the number of mosquitos in my yard.

Kellie R
Oct 16, 2018

I was so impressed with how well this treatment worked on my yard, I had only wished I had tried this earlier in the year! I have been telling all my family how great it is to go outside again. Thank you very much!

Tonya B
Oct 03, 2018

You guys did a fantastic job came back and sprayed and my party was a great success because of it. I've made several recommendations to my friends and family and will definitely be scheduling for you to come back to do it every 21 days on your set up when spring arrives. Wouldn't use anyone else.

Susie W
Sep 09, 2018

We had our wedding reception outside behind our barn, and I did not get bit by a single bug setting up, during, or while cleaning up. I didn’t hear of anyone saying there were bugs around the food or bothering them. It was amazing!

Rebecca G
Sep 02, 2018

Your guys did a great job of spraying ! We had a big outdoor party that weekend and no one complained about bugs ... and believe me ... if there had been bugs my kids would have been complaining !! So...good job !!

Susan F
Aug 22, 2018

We called mosquito Joe because we could not sit out in our backyard without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. When we were in our pool mosquitoes were biting any part of us not under water. We are so happy with your services and have enjoyed our backyard more than ever this summer

Cassie W
Jul 30, 2018

This spring and summer have been particularly bad with mosquitoes. I usually have been able to keep them at bay with flowers and a homemade spray. But not this season. After one application, we were able to go outside with no mosquitoes flying around. We were able to work in the yard and trim the trees with no bites! It has been wonderful. Talked with a young man this last time of application and he was very polite and respectful. The job was done quickly. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.

Janice R
Jul 20, 2018

I am pleased with the whole experience using Mosquito Joe. We had a big family reunion planned for a Saturday in June. The young man came on Thursday as planned and sprayed the front yard and back yard. This should last 3 months. And almost one month later I can sit outside, and the kids can play in the pool, and not be bothered by mosquitos. Thanks.

Ed H
Jul 02, 2018

So far so good. Now can you stop the rain for awhile 😎

Jack C
Jun 26, 2018

We're not getting mosquito bites in our yard any more!

Jerri B
Jun 25, 2018